Dining: Old Town / Chinatown


Perhaps the Most Eclectic Mix of Food and Experiences in Portland.

Remember Jazz de Opus? For those of us who’ve been around long enough, Oldtown / Chinatown is truly historic and diverse. Fortunately, it continues to live up to its proud, and at times, colorful heritage.

Epicurious? Then Old Town/Chinatown is for You.

Seemingly one of Portland’s “grittier” corners, Chinatown and Old Town are a wonderful place to get a less-gentrified, slightly more real flavor of Portland. Of course, even these areas have their share of niche foodie destinations chronicled in some of the biggest papers in the country. Think: Voodoo Donut, goodies of all sort from the famous Saturday Market and SuBe Sushi, a newer addition to the pan-Asian cuisine representing in the area. And don’t forget the historical architecture, nor the bumping nightlife found inside and out of the many clubs that cluster Old Town’s streets. But whether embarking on a historical walking tour or a night of music and dancing, it’s important to fuel up first. Here are four diverse picks.


Wilf’s Restaurant 

800 NW 6th Avenue
at Union Station
Portland, Oregon 97209


For the music lover seeking a relaxing, upscale experience, this is a classic Portland destination. Wilf’s is a regular on the Portland Jazz Fest tour as well as a near-nightly provider of excellent tunes. Locals shouldn’t forget they host weddings and cater, so it’s possible to get incredible dishes like truffle bread pudding or Irish Cheddar Stout fondue at any event. Located in Portland's historic Union Station.


Dan and Louis Oyster Bar

208 SW Ankeny St.
Portland, OR 97204


A nautical-themed restaurant of the highest esteem, it’s hard to say what makes Dan and Louis Oyster Bar cooler: the incredible array of shipwrecked décor or the extensive menu, filled with the tastiest goods the Pacific Ocean has to offer. Try the Yaquina Bay oyster stew, Oysters Rockefeller or oysters on the half shell. Anything oyster, really; it’s right there in the name, after all.


Red Robe Tea House & Café

310 NW Davis St., Suite A
Portland, Oregon 97209
503-227- 8855


Nothing like a polished, elegant afternoon tea during a day of shopping or sightseeing. Red Robe Tea House & Café serves up a huge variety of green, black, oolong and floral teas. Grab a bite and sip a warming bevie while learning about the differences between green, black and oolong – all made from the same species – and herbal teas – which hail from a wide variety of plants and climes. Consider it the teaching moment of the day.

iStock-184969517 lo res.jpg

Old Town Pizza



The only Portland-based pizza joint one could ever need, Old Town Pizza serves up local, handmade and all-nature fare. Select one of their artisanal pies, design-your-own, or opt for one of the many delish entrées (not to mention a cocktail or two). Thrillist voted it one of the best pizzeria brewpubs in America – high praise indeed, given Portland’s penchant for cheesy crust and microbrewing.