Dining: South Waterfront


Dining in the South Waterfront District

Portland’s culinary star has risen to incontestable heights, making it one of the nation’s – and increasingly, the world’s – foodie destinations. Not to be left out, the South Waterfront, Portland’s newest urban neighborhood that in the last few years is finding its footing, offers a variety of fun and unique dining experiences.

South Waterfront Eateries

South Waterfront is now home to families, professionals and retirees alike.  And with OHSU's continued expansion in the area, as well as the development of Zidell Yards on the horizon, it's no doubt that Portland's newest neighborhood will continue to evolve its own unique "cuisinal" personality.  Here's but a sampling for your enjoyment.



Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen

3682 SW Bond Avenue
Portland, OR 97239

The story of Bambuza.

With locations in Tigard, Lake Oswego and elsewhere in Portland – including the airport, visitors will be happy to know – it’s safe to say Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen is doing well for itself. Its menu is bursting with charmingly updated Vietnamese options, from spring rolls and noodles to fruit-studded salads and famous Bahn Mi sandwiches. Perfect for lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong eating here.



Frank Wine and Flower

3712 SW Bond Avenue
Portland, OR 97239

Where do you go wrong with a combination of delicious wine and bursting blooms? Frank Wine and Flower offers wine by the glass, bottles to go, and some of the most beautiful and original arrangements you’ve ever seen.


Old Spaghetti Factory

0715 SW Bancroft Street
Portland, OR 97239

Courtesy of Mark Miller, via Wikimedia Commons

A true Portland original, the Old Spaghetti Factory abuts the waterfront and serves up dishes of mac-and-cheese, lasagna and high-piled spaghetti. Don’t let the fact that it’s a chain deter you; not only is the food delicious, but every true Portlander has visited this institution … probably more than once.




3580 SW River Pkwy
Portland, OR, 97239

Coffee, tea and flakey baked goods, all day, every day? Yes, please. Rilassi serves up a huge range of teas, accompanied by breakfast and lunch offerings as well as mouth-watering smoothies. Many people find they can’t avoid the siren call of the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Perfection Smoothie, for instance. Duck in for an inspired meal at any time.